An EPIC 160ft Mega-Inflatable!

A massive array of obstables and slides, An adrenaline rush from start to finish! 

Only available with our SUPERSTAR SHOW.


Experience a complete adrenaline rush on our impressive 144ft assault course.

Push yourself through  ‘Squeezies’, crawl under the tough cargo net, and navigate through the vertical ‘Bish Bash’ obstacles.

Score team points in a dedicated game at the end of the Assault Course.


Lower yourself and crawl under the hurdles.

A challenging physical obstacle.

Score team points in a competitive skill game at the end of The Hurdles.

the tunnels

Set off with a ball in your hand, slide or crawl through the tunnels and score your ball through our Ski Slope.

Once you have scored, retrieve your ball, then back through the same tunnel and return to your starting point.

A game of skill, speed and accuracy.

the surfing pool

Get on your surfboard to start, then the race begins.

Paddle like you’re catching a wave, touch the other end of the pool, turn and paddle in the opposite back to the start to be the best surfing dude in town.

Make sure you don’t fall off the board!


A super-fun up & over slide.

Climb to the top, sit down and slide down the other side.

Feel those butterflies as you take the plunge, then score team points in a competitive skill game.

the squeezies

Participants mangle their way through the squeezes in another challenging physical obstacle.

Team points to be scored after the obstacle  in a competitive game of skill.

the minefield

Carefully navigate our ‘perilous’ minefield!

You are not allowed to touch the inflatable or fall over.

A game of balance, skill and patientce.

Score team points in a competitive skill  game at the end of the Assault Course.


Our impressive stage vehicle comes complete with sound system, stage and power.

It is a focal point throughout the arena. LIVE hosts and DJ’s entertain you throughout the event with upbeat music and stage shows.

You might even get called on-stage to join in, and gain extra points for your team!

It is a demountable lorry and drag able to access any venue while safely carrying all of our inflatables and equipment.

game – the athletes

Accurately throw Olympic rings over our athletes to score team points.

A game of skill, precision and athletic prowess!


Show us your basketball skills!

Throw a ball through the hoops to score team points!

A game of skill, precision, and ballin’!


Pacify our Big Babies!

Throw foam javelins into their mouth openings to score team points.

A game of skill, precision and Big Babies!


Throw a ball into the dedicated holes in our Ski Slope.

Take your ball and return to your allocated starting point before anyone else!

A game of skill, precision and speed.

New Inflatables & games added all the time.